Car Care Tips


Getting Your Car Ready for Winter

Several things need to be done to your car in order to prepare it for the harshest of winters. We talked about oil in our last post, and when we’re going into a changing of seasons, that is one of the most important aspects. Your oil needs to fit the season: heavier for the warmer months, thinner for the cold months.


Depending on the area you live, most good all-season tires will work. If you live in mountain ranges, sometimes studs can be a big help to treacherous driving conditions. You can’t rely on them too much, though. Talk with your mechanic or tire store for the best advice.


You don’t want to find out on a below zero morning that your heater is out, so have your mechanic check it out and make sure all is working before you need it.


Winter and Spring are the two times your wipers are used most often. If your wipers are old, they can leave scratches on your windshield, not to mention: they leave streaks, making visibility difficult. Also, never turn your wipers on to remove snow and ice. It can break the wiper arm and ruin the wiper blades.

To have your Subaru or Saab winterized, give us a call at 541/389-1023.

Make sure there’s oil in your car!

It may sound obvious, but if you don’t have a light to remind you every 3000 miles or so, it’s one of the easiest things to forget.

Keep a journal in your car, or keep an eye on the sticker most oil change places put in the upper left hand corner of your windshield.

It’s an ugly job having to replace an engine, because someone forgot their oil change. Don’t let that be you!